Portable spot welder used for the welding of thermocouple wires, fixing pins for heating elements and isolating material.
PSW3 is provided with an innovative welding system which allows a better and easier means to fix thermocouples without damaging the base material.

Technical characteristics

Width: 110 mm
Length: 220 mm
Total height: 150 mm
Weight: 2,6 Kg
Shockproof nylon case with cable holder bags
Waist belt fastener
External power supply: 100 – 260VAC 50-60Hz 0,35A Max
Accumulator: Lithium/Ioni14,8V 2,6A/h
Possibility to weld wires with diam. from 0,5 to 1mm
Possibility to weld pins from diam. 2,6mm (or diam. 2mm to be specified during PO confirmation)
Automatic/manual selector
Dial indicator: accumulator charge status, welding discharge power, capacitor pre-charging phase and welding hold
Protection degree IP54
In compliance with ASME VIII DIV. 1 UW-37
Quantity of welds: over 2000 welds
Recharge time: 8 hours

Video Gallery

SunTec PSW3 – TC

SunTec PSW3 Pins