About us

Your Heating needs are our expertise

We are a dynamic and international company, which combines quality, experience and innovation.

Suntec is a solid company in the sector of localized heat treatment on welds. Young in year, but experienced at heart, Suntec can rely on the long and specific matured on ground experience of its founders, on the reliability of its qualified personnel and on the close cooperation with specialized partners, in order to give a 360-degree service to customers.

Not only sales but also other services such as rental, maintenance, service on site and training, to answer to each single needs.

Experience, quality and innovation technology, to build a tailor-made offer and find “all included” solutions according to customer’s needs.


Suntec offers equipment with different heating methods:


This flexibility finds easy application in different industrial sectors:

Our services

The customers can always rely on qualified and expert staff for a personalized support according to their needs: