Suntec offers a rental service for:

  • resistance heat treatment machines;
  • induction heating machines;
  • spot welder;
  • auxiliary recorder in metallic box;

All machines are supplied with their connecting cable equipment and a calibration certificate.
As a complement to the rental service, the customer can rely on Suntec specialized technical support to define together the accessories and consumables items more suitable for the preheating/heat treatment, such as for examples heating elements’ dimensions and shape, thermocouples, insulating material…
There is also the possibility to buy the machines after rental period.


Suntec has a laboratory dedicated to the repair and maintenance of heat treatment machines and spot welders: once verified the material, technicians prepare a cost estimation submitted to customers before proceeding with the repair, except when verification is simultaneous to repair itself (for example electronic cards).

Suntec laboratory is well equipped also with all suitable instruments to issue calibration certificates of heat treatment machines and temperature recorders, because it has higher class tools in comparison to those usually installed on equipment.


Suntec qualified technicians are at customer disposal to give support and to evaluate carefully the heat treatments to be executed.

Analysing the drawings of the piece to be treated and all information related to the heat treatment (There is a simple questionnaire which can be easily downloaded from this website for help), Suntec will define the most suitable equipment, dimension and quantity of heating elements, suggesting the most appropriate machine and the potential consumables / accessories (for example insulating material, thermocouples or different type of heating elements) required for the best execution of the preheating or heat treatment.


SUNTEC srl makes its 40-year experience in the field of localized heat treatments available to its customers by creating the SERVICE division: its own team which is composed by specialized technicians and with a vast stock of new generation equipment and tools, is available to work at customers’ premises both in all parts of Italy and all over the world.


Suntec Technical Dept. and Customer Service are at customers’ disposal to calculate and determine the most suitable dimensions and shapes of heating
elements according to their needs.
Customers can also do a quick calculation of dimensions and a verification of constructive possibilities at the Heating Element Calculation page