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Technical support and assistance

Suntec technicians’ several year experience is at customers disposal for:

After having analysed the drawings and all the information about the piece which has to be treated, Suntec defines which is the most suitable equipment, accessories, quantity and dimensions of heating elements, consumables (for example insulating material or other type of heaters) which can be necessary for the ideal execution of the preheating and/or heat treatment. A useful tool for the collection of the basic information is the simple questionnaire that can be easily downloaded from our website.

In addition to the support given by its technical personnel, Suntec provides to its customers an on-line tool for the calculation of heating elements, that can be activated by a dedicated code. The functioning is very simple: the user has to choose the type of heating element (mat, strip, snake, one-line) and then he has to enter the desired dimensions. The system automatically calculates the actual dimensions and voltage according to constructive tables. There is also the possibility to download a Pdf file and/or to print the obtained result.


To have access to this service, please feel free to contact:

Customer Service Suntec

tel. +39 0373 633182

to obtain the access credentials.