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New generation but with
40 years experience

Suntec srl is a growing company in the localized welding heat treatment sector


Our services

The customer can rely on qualified and expert staff for a customized support according to his needs.

On site heat treatment service

Suntec has a team of qualified technicians to execute heat treatment operations on site, in Italy and all over the world.


Suntec has a wide and diversified range of heat treatment machines for rental

Repair and maintenance

Suntec has qualified technician for the repair of heat treatment machines, spot welders, recorders, electronic cards and ceramic pads.

Our Team all over the world

Suntec qualified technical team is available to execute heat treatment operations on site, in Italy and all over the world.
Technical support for the definition of the most suitable equipments and accessories for localized heat treatment activities.
Project and development of special systems, tailor made for everyone’s necessities

Why should you choose us?

Our know how and expertise

Suntec is a versatile company which finds easy applications in different industrial sectors:


Quality and

Suntec is on the market with machines with different kind of heating methods: