Repair and maintenance

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Repair and maintenance

Suntec has a qualified personnel and a dedicated laboratory for the repair, maintenance and upgrade of:

Once the material has been verified, technicians prepare a cost estimation which will be submitted to the customers before proceeding with the repair, except when verification is simultaneous to the repair itself (for example electronic cards).
Suntec laboratory is well equipped also with all primary instruments to issue calibration certificates of heat treatment machines and temperature recorders.


Suntec offers the possibility to do the upgrade of old heat treatment machines, after having verified feasibility, by substituting the old electronic with the newest Suntec VPR2017: it is a new programmer/recorder “all in one” with thermal cycle download by USB Key.

In some cases, it allows to transform machines from fix tension to variable tension. This means that a wider range of ceramic heating elements can be connected to the machine.

On the left an old AEC TECHNOLOGY network tension machine mod. R6NOVA with thermoregulator TR94 (year 1994) and on the right the same machine with the new electronic SUNTEC VPR2017.


Since October 2019: authorized service centre for ex AEC Technology products. Following the closure of AEC Technology by ITW, Suntec has been officially assigned with all maintenance and assistance activities of AEC Technology products, with official authorisation to use original and AEC Technology branded electronic and spare parts.